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Influx Strategies is a digital marketing consultancy and solutions provider.

Sometimes, you just need to ask for help. That’s why we’re here.

Influx Strategies is a lean, dedicated team of marketing professionals with the experience you need to propel your marketing campaigns to the next level. Whether you are looking for the guidance of consultants, or the project management of done-for-you services, we would be honoured to work with you to build your business.

Influx Strategies Team

Pete Likins, Marketing Strategist & CEO

pete with red flowersPete Likins

As an experienced social marketing strategist, I know it is a common difficulty for businesses to continually increase their followers. Many businesses, large and small, give up on social networks, simply because they lack an effective strategy to grow their following in a profitable way.

Jeannine dePenne, Creative Director

Jeannine dePenne

A Los Angeles native and only child to a Harvard-trained PR & Advertising executive father and NBC Production Assistant mother, Jeannine cut her creative teeth at an early age amid the expertise & talents extant within her dad’s Orange County, CA agency.

Having received numerous art & design scholarships, she returned to Los Angeles where she attended The Art Center College of Design. Quickly advancing from Layout Designer to Art Director of a Southern California PR firm, Jeannine moved on to fulfill roles of art director, illustrator, account exec & copy writer for several Orange County ad agencies, magazines, publishing houses & private firms through the thick of the 1970′s & 80′s.

Redirecting her talents for conspicuousness, the 1990s found Jeannine giving professional ballgown creation a whirl, designing, illustrating & building performance & competition wear for To the Nines Dancewear. Mid-2001, she toted her own Ballroom Fever Dancewear line to Tampa Bay Florida where her steamy performance wear raised more than a few eyebrows & much critical acclaim.

However, one can deal with dancers & design for troupers just so long before the desperation to turn a phrase instead of a hem or build a font instead of a corset overtakes you – the dress dummy retires & the sewing machine blows a gasket!

So, the girl’s back – with a vengeance - delighted to be an integral part of a young, creative, cutting edge group with inspirational ethics & ideals, eager to build upon Jeannine’s history of successful copy writing, logo/sig design, book illustration, campaign development…and chicken soup.

Dana Lazarus, Editor Extraordinaire

Dana Lazarus

Editor, blogger, wordsmith. Awaiting her words here.