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What We Do

Hyper-Targeted Advertising

PPC, SEM, Display, and App Install campaigns. Data-driven targeting pinpoints your ideal customer across all devices, channels and mediums. Mobile, social, search, banner, video, and native. Daily ROI tuning.

Leads + Live Calls

Buy freshly generated pre-qualified leads, piped into your CRM to keep your sales force busy and profitable. Get your phones ringing with inbound calls from mobile search and live call transfers.

Affiliate Referral Programs

Hire an army of independent marketers to promote your brand, generate leads, and drive sales or app installs. Pay only for performance, on a percent, per-lead, or per-call basis. We build, recruit, manage, and QC.

What's your strategy?

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1. When starting a new campaign, we schedule a free consult with your lead marketer (or you) to determine the exact goals and parameters you are working within. Based on our initial consultation we will recommend the best campaign type, or an integration. Tracking codes are embedded on your site to collect data for optimization.

2. We employ retargeting and programmatic targeting research into keywords, properties, audience, location, competition, and many more data-driven points utilizing each shopper's unique tracking cookies. Effectively pin-pointing your ideal customers right when they're ready. We never 'set and forget' - instead, safeguarded by automated rules, we run algorithms hourly like clockwork & manually (real humans!) review campaigns daily.

3. With targeting this focused, you'll want top quality creatives. The first impression your new customers have of your brand is from the text, graphic, or video you're paying to advertise. If you're comfortable with your existing writer, designer, or videographer's marketing skills, great... But don't worry, if you want to be sure your ads are most effective, our creative professionals will produce the quality you need.

4. We go the extra mile. Beyond building and managing your campaigns, we are bent on high performance and squeezing every last drop of ROI, its like a strategy game to us. With expert analysis, testing and optimization, we guide your whole sales funnel to peak performance.

Almost half of the marketing budgets under our management are spent on campaigns running on Cost-Per-Click bids. Slightly over a quarter of our budgets are spent on 'display' campaigns running on a Cost-Per-Mille, or (1000) Impressions bid. Nearly one-fifth of our budgets are directly obtaining leads and live calls, while about one-tenth is going to affiliate commissions. Depending on your business, you may benefit from integrating more than one campaign type to maximize your share of new customer acquisitions.


CPC Advertising


CPM Advertising


Calls + Leads


Affiliate Programs

Some words from our clients.

We try not to brag, but others do it for us.
Michael Jones - High Performance Health Coach

Influx Strategies helped me bring my business to the next level. Pete gave me a sound marketing plan to expand my coaching business. I have more clients and developed a successful product. Thanks for all that you do Pete!!

Michael Jones - High Performance Health Coach -
Liz M. Lopez - Resume Coach

I had a great consultation with Influx Strategies. Pete validated my overall Lead Generation and Social Media strategy, and also gave me a great tip on a technology resource to support my plan. If you haven't talked to Pete yet, do so! It is really worth your time to connect with him. No hidden agenda, no arrogance. Just great value.

Liz M. Lopez - Resume Coach -
Alexander Blane-Zimberg - Chemist/Startup Founder

Influx Strategies' specialty in comprehensive digital marketing strategies, search engine optimization, and web development are invaluable tools for market growth and the sales lifeblood of any company. Pete has extensive knowledge and creative ideas for integrating value adding features with e-commerce, and brand development. Pete is a dedicated consultant and has always been available and timely.

Alexander Blane-Zimberg - Chemist/Startup Founder -
Jeannine dePenne - Designer

Peter evinces strong understanding and appreciation of the role a company's web presence / social media plays in today's marketplace. Though thoughtfully cautious, Peter is never reluctant to step out on fresh ground, intuitively addressing his clients' essential wants and needs while utilizing the most appropriate, cutting-edge internet marketing strategies. A writer myself, I never cease to be impressed by Peter's ad and copywriting skills; he has a natural ability to clearly, intelligently construe essential information in a way that is both enlightening and engaging. I heartily recommend Peter to anyone hoping to grow their business through the latest, most innovative levels of internet marketing within a pleasant, easy-going synergy - he's is a pleasure to know and work with.

Jeannine dePenne - Designer -
Dayna Lazarus - Nonprofit Fundraiser

Pete is extremely motivated and knowledgeable. When he sets his mind to accomplish a task, he takes careful, deliberate steps to make sure that the project will be successful.

Dayna Lazarus - Nonprofit Fundraiser -

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